Are you curious on how to access cam app in iPhone quickly? It really becomes important when you’re facing a very good moment but when you’ll shooting, then the camera app can’t open quickly. And there goes the chance to get a good picture.

Then you need a Snappy. This is a jailbreak modification that allows you to do many things with Camera app. But the main function of Snappy is to make the camera ready to be used with any app. In fact you can open camera directly from the iPhone lockscreen.

To begin, you need Cydia and search Snappy. This appis available in Cydia Store for $ 1.99.

After you had installed Snappy, Cydia will tell you to respring before the effects of the modification work on iPhone. Afterwards you’ll see there’s Snappy icon on the SpringBoard – you can delete it using SbSettings. Keep in mind that Snappy uses Activator gestures so you don’t need the icon again.

After Snappy’s ready, do some steps below:

  1. Open Settings app then scroll down until you find the options for Activator:
  2. In Activator, choose ‘Anywhere’
  3. You’ll see a series of options including gestures, button presses and tap commands. Snappy will be set so you can tap & hold of any part on its status bar, but you can also adjust the settings as needed.
  4. To be able to find Snappy quickly, swipe upward until the search bar and type ‘Snappy’. Then choose whether Snappy is able to activate, default photo or video that you want to open.
  5. Close the setting app now. You can tap once to go back to homescreen ort tap twice to app-switcher, then tap & hold setting icon until it’s close.
  6. Done! Now you may access the cam quickly, regardless where you start.

Now you don’t need to wait for Camera app loading and loss important moments to capture!

Bonus tips: Snappy has other features including the ability to set volume buttons as camera shutter. To be able to do so, activate the Snappy and make sure the option ‘Volume shutter button’ is in ON position. Good luck!