Logitech has just announced two new accessories to complement iPad. These accessories work with different functionality, one will increase your productivity with the tablet, while others will enhance your gaming experience.

First, we have the Logitech Fold-Up Keyboard for iPad 2. This accessory is suitable for those who work in office or classroom. Its catchy case will make your iPad stand up and you may adjust the angle for your convenience to work on the table.

Using a Bluetooth connection to the iPad will automatically save power when the case is closed. And when closed, Fold-Up Keyboard looks neat beneath the tablet, ready to take anywhere. This case also supports the use of Smart Cover, for those who are paranoid in protecting the tablet screen. Until today, there’s no information when these accessories will be launched, but the Logitech began to open pre-orders at $ 129.99.

Work productivity isn’t something interesting for you? Okay, maybe you want to enhance the gaming experience. iPad/iPad 2 Joystick seems to be the suitable accessory for you. Utilizing two suction cups, this joystick for your iOS tablet can be placed in any part on screen in order to give feedback to your hand movements when playing certain games. Jostick tablet is also compatible with Android.

This joystick is equipped with a circular spring that automatically return to the middle position. Logitech also provides travel bag as a complement. This joystick is available for pre order at $ 19.99.

When the iPhone was released for the very first time, Steve Jobs said Apple will control 1% of the world smartphone market. There were approximately 100 million smartphones that means 1% of it is 1 million units.

After iPhone 4 and now iPhone 5 will soon release or another new gen of iPhone, Apple has far exceeded the target that they have made. In the third quarter of this year, Apple managed to send 20 million units of iPhone all over the world. An excellent achievement considering that the new iPhone step its 4th year and there are 4 iPhone version on the smartphone market today.

To know the evolution of iPhone since its launched in 2007, IntoMobile site make a infografis of iPhone’s development. You can also see the estimated specifications of iPhone 5.

From the above infografis you can see Apple has a habit of upgrading a number of components such as processor and camera sensors. Things like that make it easy for analysts to guess what the new iPhone will look like. Yet Apple has never even change the display size. From the original to the iPhone 4, Apple still uses 3.5-inch display on the iPhone 4 despite it has higher resolution.