This article is a post-continuation about recovering  deleted files and lost data without spending money.

Is it really possible to recover deleted files and lost data by using recuva file recovery program?

It is time to get your lost files back. The following is step by step recovery process with Recuva File Recovery software.

I assume that you have already installed the Recuva program in your computer. If you are not yet, you can find download link on Recuva File Recovery Software Review page. And install it now.

  1. Open the program (Go to start > Program > Recuva > Recuva). Or double click on the program icon on desktop, if you created one.
  2. Recuva Wizard window will open up. With Wizard process you can scan deleted files by type. If you know what type of files you deleted, example picture or music or document, Wizard process is simply fast. But I assume that you are not sure what type of file (the process is similar with Wizard). Just click on cancel button to close the Wizard (you can check on Do not show this Wizard on start up, so this Wizard will not show up next time you open the program).
  3. In drop down box, select the drive where your deleted files are. And then click on Scan button to perform searching for the lost files.
  4. After complete scanning, check on the files you want to recover and then click on Recover button. The program will ask you where to store the recovery files, so choose where to store the files and then click Ok button.
  5. Now you are done, go to where you store the recovery files you will see it there.

I hope this guide would be helpful for you. Read more about Data recovery softwares in our next articles.