Quick Overview

You may ask: is it possible to recover my deleted files back even I deleted from recycle bin or formatted drive and so on. The answer is yes, you can get your lost data back by using data recovery software (some people may call it file recovery software or undeleted file program and you can call it as you please). There are both free and paid data recovery programs available on the market today.

What I am going to show you here is free solution, so skip the paid edition. Believe me or not, some free data recovery software packages are worth almost like professional edition, with the program you can recover many files types including documents (Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms Access and more), photos (JPG, GIF, PNG and more), video music (MP3, WAV, AVI, MOV and more) and so on.

There are more than several free data recovery software packages including freeware and open source available for you to download and use for free of charge. You can find out more here Free File Recovery Software Reviews.

In the following, I will show you how to get your deleted files and lost data back with Recuva File Recovery program. You see more detailed about the program and download link on Recuva File Recovery Software Review.

Before get into the process, I want to show you about what you should do to get high chance of success for recovering your deleted files and lost data back.

What Should I Do To Get High Chance Of Success For Recovering My Deleted Files And Lost Data Back?

The following are three important things you have to do to get almost 100 percents deleted files back:

  1. Do not overwritten data your deleted files, it means that you should not do anything to the computer drive which contain your delete files such as copying any files, documents, defrag the hard drive or installing any software on that drive. Example: You deleted your files in drive (D:), so you should not copy any files, programs, documents or install anything on that drive. Why? Because it may cause your deleted files overwritten by new files or documents you just copy to, especially if you hard drive almost full. (There are some arguments between computer scientists about overwritten data could be recovered, but there is no practical evidence that overwritten data can be recovered).
  2. Do not install data recovery software in same drive you are going to recover files from. Example: if you deleted your files in drive (D:), you should install the program on different drive such as (C:).
  3. Do not store the files you recover on the same drive where your deleted files are. It is similar as above concept for installing the recovery program on different drive. Conclusion, in order to reach almost 100 percents of success to get your deleted data back, you should do recovery immediately or before you deleted file overwritten. Install the recovery program and store recovery files on different drive from where your deleted files are.

In this situation, one more question may be asked for people have deleted their files several days or months ago. Is there any chance to recover it back? Good question, the answer is Yes, but how much chance you can recover that files back is based on whether your deleted files overwritten or not yet. Therefore, the best way to find out whether you can recover it back or not is Try to recovery it now.