Some people call Data Recovery Software as File Recovery Software or Deleted File Recovery Software or Hard Drive Recovery Software. These terms have same meaning; you can call what you familiar with and want to. For me I prefer to call it Data Recovery Software.

There are both free and paid data recovery software packages. And what we want to talk here is about the free solution for file and data recovery program, there is no money to pay to use the software.

There are more than several data recovery software packages which you can download and use for free of charge. Most of these free undeleted software packages are freeware and some are open source. Donation is the main source of funds to keep the program up to date and further development.

With these free recovery utility tools, you can recover deleted files back, even you delete from recycle bin. Some programs allow you to recover lost data even from formatted partition with both file systems FAT and NTFS.

Some software packages (such as TestDisk & PhotoRec ) available for multiple platform including Window, Linux and Macintosh. There are more than 10 languages supported (including Chinese, Danish, English, Estonian, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish) for some packages like PC INSPECTOR and Undelete Plus.

Free File Recovery Software Ratings

I also encourage everyone (including you) who ever have experience of using Free File Recovery Software before, please share your experience and make it useful, helpful for other by doing the following rating.

Please Note: to make this rating more useful and helpful information, please rate only the software you ever experience, for the photo editing program which you never use please do not rate it.

Software Name User Rating
Pandora Recovery 9 votes
PC INSPECTOR File Recovery 4 votes
Recuva File Recovery 3 votes
Undelete Plus 3 votes
eDATA Unerase Personal Edition 4 votes
FreeUndelete 5 votes
EASEUS Deleted File Recovery 9 votes
TestDisk & PhotoRec 7 votes
NTFS Undelete 10 votes