Here is a Free Data Backup Software Overview

If you are looking for free backup software, this page is right for you. You can find reviews, ratings, voting about free data backup programs as well as download links for each free software package.

There are more than several backup programs available to download and use for free of charge. Some packages are available for only personal use but not commercial one. If you are the home user it is fine, it means you can use any package as you like. Some free backup software packages in the following are open source and some other packages are freeware.

Even free edition is not good or fully functional as paid version, but it is worth to check it out. Some free backup software programs such as Comodo Backup, AceBackup and Cobian Backup have features almost like some professional edition.

Are you a person who likes portable application? If yes, I just want to tell you there is one portable free backup application available. It is Toucan, the portable data backup software application for advanced users to synchronise, backup and encrypt their data.

Here are Free Data Backup Software Ratings

I also encourage everyone (including you of course) who ever have experience of using free Data Backup Software before, please share your experience and make it useful, helpful for other by doing the following rating.

Please Note: to make this rating more useful and helpful information, please rate only the software you ever experience, for the photo editing program which you never use please do not rate it.

Software Name User Rating
AceBackup 4 votes
Comodo BackUp 4 votes
Toucan Backup 2 votes
Cobian Backup 3 votes
SyncBack Freeware 3 votes
Areca Backup 2 votes
JaBack 1 votes
Macrium Reflect Free Edition 3 votes