eDATA Unerase Personal Edition Review

eDATA Unerase Personal Edition Features

  • Developer: OctaneSoft
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • Offical Website: www.octanesoft.com
  • Platform: Windows

eDATA Unerase Personal Edition is freeware file recovery software developed by OctaneSoft. The program has basic features which allow user to restore files that have been deleted through normal methods, including accidental deletions from the recycle bin.

With eDATA Unerase Personal Edition, user can recover deleted file types including multimedia, documents and achieves web pages applications and databases. There are two scan modes, Quick Scan (scan for deleted files) and Full Scan (scan for deleted files and scan for lost files). The software is available for Windows users.

This version has limited features while the company offers the professional version with fully functional features, eDATA Unerase Professional Edition. For the professional edition, user needs to pay money to purchase the license. You can see the comparison on the two editions for more detailed.

FreeUndelete Review

FreeUndelete Features

  • Developer: Recoveronix
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • Offical Website: www.officerecovery.com
  • Platform: Windows

FreeUndelete is simple and free file undelete software developed by Recoveronix Ltd. FreeUndelete is free for personal use. For commercial or business use, user needs to purchase the license. The license comes with technical support from the company. The software works under Windows operating system.

The program is straight forward and easy to use. To recover the deleted files, user just perform few steps including selecting drive to scan, find the deleted files to recover, choose destination to store the recovered files and click on undelete button, user now get their data back.

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